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NETPLEX History and Background

NETPLEX was founded in early January 1995 and is a privately-owned, Limited Liability Company located in Hartford, CT, USA. Our mission is to provide cutting-edge Internet access for personal, business, educational and community use.

In our efforts over the years to become Connecticut's largest independent ISP, we have identified several points that we think distinguishes us from other ISP's in the area:

  • We provide the latest state-of-the-art Internet technology to businesses, individuals, public institutions, and non-profit organizations.
  • We offer the highest quality Internet access available.
  • We concentrate on offering technical muscle and know-how, while avoiding marketing hype that does little for the consumer.
  • We are honest and open with our customers, and we offer an unsurpassed support infrastructure which enables us to resolve problems in a timely manner.

NETPLEX became Connecticut's largest independent ISP because we are in the unique position of having a strong infrastructure and the technical ability to offer competitive services that some our competition cannot. We have what it takes to make the Internet work for you.

About our Connectivity

NETPLEX provides nothing less than state-of-the-art Internet connectivity to our customers. We rely upon industry standard vendors for our technical hardware, including Cisco Systems routers.

NETPLEX maintains multiple Tier 1 (backbone) connections. We also have peering arrangements with local ISPs. Our network was the first in the state to incorporate the public ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) network to connect customers.

We recognized long ago that it is crucial to ensure that our systems are available at all times, and are capable of scaling to meet the demands of our ever growing customer base.

The majority of server applications and software that we use are open source, which are based on true open non-proprietary Internet standards. This means that we're not locked into any one software vendor's proprietary formats, and can provide a much broader range of services.

Combine all of these things together, and you have an ISP that knows the business. By using the best technology from the hardware and software realms, we provide custom solutions that fit customer needs to the letter. Why not let us find a solution that's right for you?

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