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Design Philosophy

In today's economy, a website is a necessary component for a successful marketing campaign. Whether you're the neighborhood florist, a major corporation, or somewhere in between NETPLEX can custom design a website to fit your brand identity.

Our focus, as well as Our Customers, is on making a good first impression to site visitors. NETPLEX accomplishes this overall appeal through site and interface design by communicating visual ideas with intelligent, compelling words, images and conceptual layout.

The visitor's first impressions must appeal to them visually, it must be easy to navigate, and it must be effortless the user to find the information they are looking for. Great looking graphics will never make a site successful if the pages download slowly or the information is hard to find. Finding a successful blend of all these elements is what NETPLEX designers do best.

We feel professional, credible website designs should be:

  • Appealing to the eye
  • Simple, logical and consistent to understand and navigate
  • Clear in statement of purpose
  • Stand out in a visitors mind vs. the client's competition
  • Quick page & file downloads for the average visitor's Internet connection speed
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