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DSL allows fast data transmission over regular phone lines and since it uses different frequencies than the voice service does, you can use the telephone and the Internet at the same time, over the same phone line.

While an AT&T landline is required for DSL service, you do not have to use their Internet service. NETPLEX is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) to the core. We don't provide landline service, nor do we wire towns, or maintain central offices. That leaves us with the time, expertise, and capital to concentrate on our network's internal and external connectivity, reliability, robustness, and security.

NETPLEX currently has high speed connections to four tier 1 (backbone) providers . We also have peering arrangements with local ISPs and we've been providing corporate and personal Internet access and webhosting since 1995. Our network was the first in the state to incorporate the public ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) network to connect customers. This makes us uniquely prepared to handle DSL's demanding technical requirements.


> Multiple independent tier 1 backbone connections for superior redundancy
> High speed fiber optic network which provides consistent and superior bandwidth 24/7
> NETPLEX routers, switches and firewalls are Cisco
> NETPLEX servers are secure and reliable
> We offer one-stop shopping for all of your Internet needs
> We are a Cisco Reseller

How do I order NETPLEX DSL?

  1. Make sure you have an AT&T landline.
  2. Check to see if your computer can support DSL service.
  3. Select an ADSL package that is right for you.
    NOTE: There is an additional charge for the DSL modem.
  4. Finally you can order NETPLEX ADSL service securly through our web site or by calling 860-233-1111, Mon-Fri, 9:00am to 5:00pm.

Frequently Asked Questions about NETPLEX ADSL

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