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Configuring Windows98 for NETPLEX Dialup Access

1. Open the My Computer icon.

2. Double click on Dial-Up Networking

3. Double click Make New Connection.
4. Enter NETPLEX in the name field then click Next.

5. Type in a NETPLEX local access number then click next.

6. You are now finished with the setup wizard. Click Finish.
After the setup wizard has completed it will create a NETPLEX icon. Highlight the NETPLEX icon, click FILE then PROPERTIES. Click the Server Types tab. Uncheck ‘Log On to the Network’.

Now click TCP/IP Settings.

Click 'Server assigned name server addresses'.
After clicking OK twice you will be put back into Dial-Up Networking.
To connect, double click the NETPLEX Icon, enter your USERNAME and PASSWORD (in lowercase only), make sure SAVE PASSWORD IS CHECKED then click CONNECT.
After a minute or two you will be connected to NETPLEX. Open your web browser (Internet explorer, Netscape, etc…
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