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Open Microsoft Entourage

1. On the Tools menu, click Accounts.

2. Click the Mail tab, and then click New. If the Account Setup Assistant appears, click Configure account manually.

3. On the Account type pop-up menu, click POP, IMAP, or Hotmail/MSN, depending on the type of account you have. Click OK.

4. Next, in the following picture, the numbered boxes indicate where you need to enter your account settings. Read on for editing your account settings.

1. Account name: In this case call it NETPLEX. This name appears only in Entourage — if you have more than one mail account, it can help you distinguish one account from another.

2. Name: The name that you want to appear in messages you send from the account. Depending on your preference, it might be your full name, your first name only, your initials, or whatever name you want to be known by.

3. E-mail address: The address that people should use when sending messages to you username@netplex.net.

4. Account ID:  This is your NETPLEX Username NOTE: This is case sensitive and should be all lower case, make sure your caps lock key is not on.

5. POP server: This is the Internet address of the mail server that Entourage should connect to when receiving your messages, mail.netplex.net.

6. Password: Enter your NETPLEX password.
Note   If you decide to have Entourage save your password, anyone who has access to your computer can send and receive messages from your account.

7. SMTP server: This is the outgoing mail server mail.netplex.net.

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